Svensk "ødegård" for rent


Two luxurious wooden cottages for joint rental. The cottages are situated right on Lake Möckeln in Småland, close to Älmhult, the hometown of IKEA.

The two cottages offer an ideal holiday spot for two couples with or without children.

Both cottages accommodate 4 people, 2 in each of the two bedrooms, 8 people altogether. The largest cottage has a kitchen.

Both cottages offer a view of Lake Möckeln.

Access to a nice aluminimun rowboat.

Älmhult Golfklubb is situated 4 km. from the cottages.

Description of the cottages

Year of construction: 2007

The large cottage contains a hallway, a combined kitchen and dining room with an enclosed fireplace, a living room with a panoramic view of the garden and access to a wooden porch, a bathroom (shower only) with a WC, a double bedroom and a room with a bunk bed for 2 children.

The small cottage contains a small living room with an open fireplace, a bathroom (shower only) with a WC, a double bedroom and a room with a bunk bed for 2 children.

Both cottages have electric radiators.

Other kinds of equipment: tall baby chair (slå op!), a fold-out bed (0-3 years), a barbecue, a washing machine, a freezer, and an outdoor sink (useable for cleaning fish) in the basement of the large cottage. 

The nearest place for grocery shopping is Älmhult, 7 km. from the cottages.

Prices and conditions of rental

The rent does not include the use of electricity for heating (paid in Swedish cash at departure).

Height of the season (2010) from July 3 to August 7 (Summer)
Price of one week's rent: 8.000 DKK (app. € 1.100)


Midseason (2010)
from March 27 to April 10 (Easter)
from June 19 to July 3 (Early summer)
from August 7 to August 21 (Late summer)
from October 10 to October 23 (Autum Break)
and from December 18 to January 1, 2011 (Christmas)
Price of one week's rent: 6.000 dkk  (app. € 800)

Off-peak periods (2010)  the remaining weeks
Price of one week's rent: 5.000 dkk  (app. € 675)

Booking is done by e-mail to: Please inform us which week(s) you wish to rent the cottages, your name, address and phone number, and the age of the guests. Only adults above the age of 21 will be allowed to rent the cottages. (They are also allowed to bring children along.) Once we have received your e-mail, you will receive a confirmation, if the cottages are available, and the bank account information for the transfer of the rent, which is to be paid within 8 days. The reservation is executed only upon paying the rent. Then you will receive another confirmation with the necessary information concerning your stay.    

Available weeks/calendar

Calendar at

We use Google's calendar to keep track of reservations and executed bookings.

Rental is paid on a weekly basis (from Saturday to Saturday).

Send an e-mail to  with your wishes for period of rental.

Useful information

The cottages are situated on Sälhult 58, 36191 Älmhult, Sweden. (This address does not exist  on Google maps or other websites, but you can read more in ”Directions”). 

Guidelines/instructions (are available at the cottages).

Check list upon arrival and before departure (is available at the cottages).

Directions   - google map

From Malmö, you either go through Hässleholm, which is the shortest way, and if nothing unexpected happens, this is also the fastest way, and by far the most beautiful.

Or you can take highway E4 past Helsingborg and Markaryd – it is a little bit further to go, but sometimes it is faster than the above mentioned.

If you by ferry from Helsingør to Helsingborg, you should take the E4 past Markaryd.

Tourist attractions in the area

About Älmhult –

Links about tourism in the website of the community of Älmhult:


Fishing in lake Möckeln is possible.


Welcome to ”SOL”

We hope you will enjoy your stay. J

In the basement, you will find the freezer and the washing machine.

Please follow the path to the left for access to the rowboat  by the lake. You are welcome to swim in the lake, but at swimsuit is required. Hanging out by the beach is not allowed. There are public beaches on the way to Älmhult.

TV & Radio:

There are two remotes, and each of them has a specific function. Generally, you have to wait a few seconds after pushing the button before the TV-set reacts:

û       The black remote is only for turning on and off the TV-set and for adjusting the volume by pressing the volume button.

û       The grey VIASAT-remote is for changing the channels. Channels from no. 500 and above are radio channels.

Internet (wireless)

Network name:                          Sällhult 58

Login code:                                   3372840216

Waste from kitchen and bathroom is put in the waste container (labelled: ”SOL”) in the drive way. Waste from greens that have not been prepared is to be put in the compostheap. Empty cans from beers/soft drinks are to be put in the garbage bag in the basement.

Cleaning: The cottages are cleaned before departure – see check list for details.

By the way: It is strictly prohibited to feed drifting animals including the neighbour's cat.



Check list upon arrival an before departure

 Upon arrival:


Look at the electricity board in the basement. Write down the number of kilowatt hours (kWh) spent before your arrival.


Before departure:


Look at the electricity board in the basement. Write down the number of kilowatt hours (kWh) and calculate how many kWh you have spent during your stay. Pay 2 SEK per kWh in cash deposited in an envelope. Write the dates of your stay on the envelope, and put it in the letter box next to the electricity board.


û        Air the houses.

û        Return all the furniture to its original place.

û        Vacuum clean mattresses, fold the bedclothes and leave them on the bed.

û        Wash up and dry the dishes and return them to their places.

û        Clean the microwave, the oven and the refrigerator.

û        Remove all garbage, bottles etc.

û        Dust all the furniture and all surfaces.

û        Vacuum clean floors and furniture.

û        Wet clean the floors.

û        Clean everything in the bathroom, sink, WC, shower and mirror included.

û        Make sure that all the doors and all the windows are closed.

û        Leave the house in such a condition as you would want to receive it yourself.

û        Leave the house before 12 a.m.

û        Lock the door, leave the key in the key box and lock this box by turning its numbers away from the access code.   


Remember to bring:
Bed linen for all beds, towels, tea towels, dish cloth, kitchen towels, staniol, plastic bags / bin liners, toilet paper, detergent and detergent (some of these things exist possibly - but in case..).


The easiest approach is by a-mail:



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